Know Thy Sphagnum: Species-specific Lessons for Understanding Bogs

Dr. George F. Smith‘s piece on ‘Know thy sphagnum’ featured in the July issue of CIEEM‘s Inpractice. He is a consultant ecologist with Blackthorn Ecology, based on Moate, Co. Westmeath.

This article discusses Sphagnum and their value as indicators on raised bogs. Dr. Smith summarises the main species you can find on the bog (as well as cut over bog) and what they can tell you. This is a really handy and short guide to identifying sphagnum mosses.

You can download the article below.

Dr. George F. Smith Credit: Spicy Dog Media

Guidelines for Communities Managing Local Wetlands and Peatlands – A Handbook

Updated 06th April 2022

Guidelines for Communities Managing Local Wetlands and Peatlands is a useful handbook for community groups to support engagement with local wetland and peatland. It is a living document, meaning that it is updated regularly and contains the most relevant information for community groups.

We have recently updated the Guidelines handbook to include case studies of more recent members.

This guide is intended to support community groups and others looking to conserve and manage their local wetland and peatland heritage site. The guide contains information on:

  • wetlands and peatlands in Ireland and their conservation status
  • national and international policies to protect wetlands and peatlands
  • the concept of wetlands and peatlands as natural capital and their role in providing benefits to people, i.e. ecosystem services
  • restoring wetlands and peatlands and their ecosystem services where they have become degraded
  • forming and maintaining a successful community environmental group
  • access and recreation
  • potential sources of funding
  • using the information in these guidelines to support funding applications.


Download your free copy of the Guidelines Hanbook